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Clothings for Dachshund: Raincoats, sweatshirts, sweaters and coats
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The Online Shop with the most fashion accessories for dogs, leader in Italy, now available for Europe

Most Popular
  • Bow Tie for Large Dogs
  • Bow Tie for Dogs
  • Shoulder Bag with Pocket for Dogs up to 15 kg
  • Green Raincoat for Big Sized Dogs
  • Santa Costume for Dog
  • Grey Hoodies for Big Dogs
  • Tuxedo for Large Dogs
  • Green Camouflage Sweatshirt for Large Size Dogs
  • Black Hoodie for Large Dogs
  • Shoulder Bag for Dogs up to 15 kg
  • Red Raincoat for Large Dog
  • Red Sweatshirt for Big Dogs
  • Gray Dog Sweatshirt
  • Pink Sleeveless Jacket for large size dogs
  • Gray Shoulder Bag for Small Dogs
Clothings for Dachshund
  • Pink Winter Pullover for pets
    Pink Winter Pullover for small pets such as Chihuahuas, yorkshire, Poodles; it's hooded with pom poms at the end, and has a classical winter design
    Details € 24,00
  • Evening Dress for Small Dogs in Black
    To dress up your dog for an important ceremony or a wedding, here is the new Evening Dress for small dogs: sizes available for Chihuahuas, Pugs, ...
    Details € 34,00
  • Green Sleeveless Jacket for Dogs
    A new arrival in our collection of clothings for Dog: the Green Sleeveless Jacket for Dogs, made in nylon and terylene; perfect for mid-season
    Details € 23,00
  • Grey Hoodies for Big Dogs
    Grey Hoodies, available for Medium and Big sized Dogs: it will keep warm your big dog (Great Dane, Mastiff, Bulldog .. ) in the cold days.
    Details € 28,00
  • Red Tank Top for Dachshund
    Red tank top for a Dachshund (or for dogs with long body), available on our online store specialized in clothing for dogs; made in 100% cotton
    Details € 13,00
  • Pink Panties for Dogs with Ruche and Velcro Closure
    Pink Panties for small dogs, recommended in the days when they have menstrual bleeding; easy to put on and remove because the closure is with velcroes
    Details € 15,00
  • Bow Tie for Dogs
    For a wedding or a ceremony, here is the ideal accessory for your dog, the Bow Tie for Dogs; measure the your dog's neck and choose the right size
    Details € 13,00
  • Pink Sweatshirt for Dachshund
    Sweatshirt designed specifically for a Dachshund (or for a dog having a long body), in Pink color; resembles the top piece of a basic human suit
    Details € 24,00
  • Black Sweatshirt for Dachshunds
    Black Dog Sweatshirt, specifically designed for Dachshund and for long sized dogs, because is about 20% longer of the standard dog sweatshirts.
    Details € 24,00
  • Green Camouflage Sweatshirt for Dachshund
    Green Camouflage Sweatshirt for Dachshund and long sized dogs: hooded and warm, has a kangaroo pocket on the back and it's available in 3 sizes
    Details € 25,00
  • Dog Bomber Jacket in Dark Red
    Dog Bomber Jacket in Dark Red, our most sold model of dog clothing because it's the most heavy padded dog coat in our catalogue, ideal for winter
    Details € 33,00
  • Black Pants slip for dog
    Black Pants slip for dog (Poodle, Dachshund); can be used for the dogs when in heat and have blood loss due to their cycle: no stains on the floor
    Details € 12,00
  • Green Sweater for Dachshunds
    Sale of Dog Clothings: Buy this cute Green Sweater for Dachshunds and for long body dogs; braid on the back and edges on the sleeves in darker green
    Details € 35,00
  • Red Sweatshirt for Dachshund
    Red Dog Sweatshirt, specifically designed for Dachshund, because is about 20% longer than the standard dog sweatshirts; dog hoodie very soft inside.
    Details € 24,00

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