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Dresses and Coats for Pugs
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The Online Shop with the most fashion accessories for dogs, leader in Italy, now available for Europe

Most Popular
  • Bow Tie for Large Dogs
  • Shoulder Bag with Pocket for Dogs up to 15 kg
  • Bow Tie for Dogs
  • Green Raincoat for Big Sized Dogs
  • Santa Costume for Dog
  • Grey Hoodies for Big Dogs
  • Tuxedo for Large Dogs
  • Green Camouflage Sweatshirt for Large Size Dogs
  • Black Hoodie for Large Dogs
  • Shoulder Bag for Dogs up to 15 kg
  • Red Raincoat for Large Dog
  • Red Sweatshirt for Big Dogs
  • Gray Dog Sweatshirt
  • Pink Sleeveless Jacket for large size dogs
  • Gray Shoulder Bag for Small Dogs

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Dresses and Coats for Pugs
  • Ceremony Dress in Yellow for Small Dogs and Chihuahuas
    Ceremony Dress for small dogs and chihuahua, very chic, with lace on the bodice and ruffled skirt; available in 5 sizes for chihuahua, poodles, Pugs..
    Details € 31,00
  • Bow Tie for Dogs
    For a wedding or a ceremony, here is the ideal accessory for your dog, the Bow Tie for Dogs; measure the your dog's neck and choose the right size
    Details € 13,00
  • Light Blue Blank Dog Sweatshirt
    Light Blue Blank Dog Sweatshirt: this kind of dog clothes are warm and very soft inside, with hood adjustable by string, and kangaroo pocket.
    Details € 24,00
  • Italy T-Shirts for Dogs
    T-shirt with the colors of the Italian National Football Team, available for small and medium size dogs: Italy T-Shirts for Dogs with flag on the back
    Details € 16,00
  • Dog Tuxedo
    If you're looking for a dinner jacket, or a Tuxedo for your dog, this is the clothing you were looking for; black with white collar and red bow tie
    Details € 22,00
  • Red Hoodie for Dogs
    Red Hoodie for Dogs, simple but nice hooded sweatshirt for your dog, warm and soft inside; this Dog Hoodie is just like the upper part of the suits
    Details € 24,00
  • Blue Sleeveless Jacket for Dogs
    A new arrival in our collection of clothings for Dog: the Blue Sleeveless Jacket for Dogs, a perfect clothing for mid-season; closing is on the back
    Details € 23,00
  • Doggie's Rose Cape in Cotton
    For the days not too cold, look at our Doggie's Rose Cape in 100% cotton, with the inside pink and white checkered; it fastens on the girth of the dog
    Details € 16,00
  • Dark Green Dog Raincoat
    Waterproof Dark Green Raincoat, the ideal solution to take your dog for a walk even on rainy days: it's Hooded and Four Legged
    Details € 25,00
  • Juventus T-Shirts for Dogs
    Juventus Dog T-Shirt, available for dogs of small and medium size: white and black striped t-shirt, made in cotton, with the Italian Flag embroidered
    Details € 21,00
  • Brazilian Dog T-Shirt
    Dog T-Shirt, yellow with the Brazilian flag printed; it' made in 100% cotton, and it's available for small sized dogs: chihuahua, pugs, mini dobermann
    Details € 13,00
  • Hooded Dog T-Shirt I LOVE YOU in Pink
    This Dog T-Shirt has hood and sleeves in Pink and a print on the back I LOVE YOU; in 6 sizes, for dogs like Miniature Schnauzer, Lhasa Apso, Beagle
    Details € 17,50
  • Plain Red Undershirt for Dog
    An extra layer of warmth for your dog with our Red Undershirts: available in different sizes for small dogs (from Chihuahua to Beagle and Whippet)
    Details € 13,00

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