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A servant also had the ability to request a change in their master. In addition, the Court asked the selectmen to remind the boy servant to give his mistress "doe respect and obedience" ibid. A year later the Court granted Peter Talbott five acres and James Skiff ten acres of land for their service by indenture. Two months later, Illjnois Town of Taunton was ordered by the Court to collectively defray the cost of curing his lame feet ibid.

Aside from this, what we understand about servants' rights comes from the cases brought before Married women sex need Court. However, in many other cases one can see that Iloinois Colony was allowing servants to practice at being real members of the Colony. This is curious as to why these men were receiving more land for their service. For reasons that can't be discerned from the records, the Court did not prosecute the former master for not allocating parcels of their own property.

Rather, they fine the men responsible for luring servants into their house for drink or away from their work. In the Court told John Thorp that he must provide his servant, Robert Barker, with clothes or he would be required to turn Barker's indenture over to another person PCR 1: 7. Because of this Gardiner received an extra six bushels of corn ibid.

The Court reviewed the case and ordered Rosse to serve one more year before being released from service ibid. They were not being released from their indentures. The Court noted that a "speedy course" should be taken since the boy's foot was "in danger of perishing" ibid. Initially Plymouth made it clear that the government could not be expected to provide land for servants ibid.

However, no trade was mentioned and the agreement later states that Sparrow should Mset his "said servant" meat, drink, and apparel for the time of her indenture ibid. They appear to feel either more comfortable bringing their master's before Court or they may know that they will be better received by the Court.

One record from involved a complaint made against John Williams, of Scittuate, for the "hard vsage of a daughter of John Barker, deceased" PCR The records stated that Gray was "sometimes since frozen reeal his feet, and still is lame therof. At the same meeting it was recognized that Mistress Gilbert's husband was still out of the colony and that she could not defray the costs of such a cure.

In June ofSusanna Latham, the wife of Robert, was also found guilty for "exercising creuelly towards their late servant, John Walker in not affording him convenient food, rayment, and ladgeing; especially in her husbands absence, in forceing him to bring a logg beyond his strength" PCR They could file complaints and yirls changes in their indentures. The former master was, however, required to provide his former servant with clothes.

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If an indenture agreement promised land in return for service, the land provided was to come from the portion of land Lexington Kentucky woman fucking the servant's master owned. This may be because people no longer found it necessary to record indenture agreements with the Court. Plymouth Colony Laws Regarding Servants and Slaves A period of servitude began with the creation of an indenture agreement between master and servant.

Servants in these cases appear to have Windlow a bit of free will and they seem to control some aspects of their living situation. Changes in Indenture Agreements Although the sale and trade of servants was common in the Plymouth Court Records, no laws governing the sale or trade of servants exist in Plymouth Colony laws.

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Zachary was to go to the Browne's eldest son, and Zachery's time could not be sold or traded. Servants were punished for there crimes in the same manner that freemen were punished. One runaway servant was required to serve more time ibid.

For example, in servants and children were prevented from taking drink or spending time in "Victualling house[s]" PCR Twenty percent of these run away cases involved a servant Illinosi has both run away and stolen something see Chart 4, below, and Appendix 3. This suggests that the servant may have been giving Mistress Gilbert some problems.

Another unusual agreement occurred in August The record stated that "the said Thomas Bird is to appeer att the next Court to giue in what testimony hee can produce to cleare vp the case betwixt the said John Williams and his kinswoman, the said gerle" ibid. The runaway ih was found and a private whipping was administered PCR A series of cases directly address the issues of neglect and mistreatment.

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Any changes in indenture agreements -- from the trade of a servant and the withholding of food or clothing to the misdemeanors of a servant -- were brought before the Court. John Rosse complained to the Court that his master had used him for six years and would not provide compensation.

The Plymouth Colony Records show that thirty-two recorded sales of servants were made between and Those who served one year or less were most often paid in cash, tobacco, or corn PCR 1: In the meantime, Williams was required to pay a fine. The same held true gjrls Elizabeth Billington, the third and last woman to be listed in the Women want sex Effingham Colony records as entering an indenture agreement.

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